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Bronde (Weft and Bonds) 100% Remy AAAA Luxury Hair Extensions

Product Description

All bonds are priced individually per 1g and the price includes application

One of our most popular shades 'Bronde' is the perfect compromise between brunette and blonde. With beautifully diverse warm and ash tones running through it, 'Bronde' combines light and dark to create this truly unique New U shade. Perfect for brunettes looking to lift their base dramatically or blondes looking to tone down their shade. So diverse it can be used on a base 4 shade (Monaco) and upwards and still blend beautifully. 

Solving the age old argument on whether blondes or brunettes have more fun - 'bronde' is by far the best of both worlds.

Underlying tones - Warm with both warm and ash highlights through it.

Celebrity Inspiration - Jennifer Lopez

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About New U Luxury Wefts

Every New U Luxury Weft is ethically and responsibly sourced from across the world and of exceptional quality.  Each Weft is 150g of AAAA grade cuticle aligned Remy hair. We never use anything but 100% highest grade Remy hair within our wefts so you can be sure that the hair you are wearing is superior in quality for maximum longevity.  The hair in every weft is meticulously hand selected before undergoing a series of gentle colouring and deep conditioning processes.

Every weft is double drawn from root to tip to ensure the same thick lustre right to the end. So beautiful in texture, the hair is like silk to touch.

Superior in quality and loved by celebrities alike. With the correct care, you can expect your New U Luxury Weft to last a minimum of 6 to 9 months with continuous wear.



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